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Book in advance

Book in advance Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 4 January 2022

Too bad that I have to disappoint regular customers or even good friends again and again because there is no more room for them on our boat.

I regularly write or ask in our Latest News to reserve a place in time if you want to go fishing.

Certainly during the regular holidays such as Christmas holidays, Carnival week, Easter, Pentecost, Summer, Autumn....... ...etc booking at least a week in advance is really necessary.
All fishing boats are very busy during these holiday periods.

I know, full is full, but of course we prefer to sail with our regular customers than with 10 Chinese who accidentally found our website.

The catches during the first days of 2022 were again great.

You can see them in our Hall of Fame.

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