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Blue Marlin & Cavalier Charters

High Quality Full Colored T-Shirts & Jackets

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Online price t-shirts: 15 euro Harbour price: 19.50 euro

Online price jackets: 35 euro Harbour price: 42,50 euro

Available sizes: small - medium - large - xlarge - xxlarge


2011 & 2012
2013 & 2014
You can order our T-Shirts or Pendants by e-mail and collect them when you are on holiday in Gran Canaria.
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Jacqui Gutzman paints her masterpieces from her studio located in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.She unparalleled experience interacting directly with underwater subjects emerges in the brilliant colors, thrilling movement, and incomparable accuracy of her artwork.



Original:------------------- Jacqui Gutzman

Name: --------------------- Angry Blue

Price: ---------------------- 375 euro

Special Offer: ................. 260 euro





Original:------------------- Jacqui Gutzman

Name: --------------------- Jumping Blue

Price: ---------------------- 260 euro

Special Offer: ................. 175 euro


Massive, 3 dimensional Blue Marlin pendant

The stunning appearance of this breathtaking marlin, emphasized even more when jumping out of the water, has been replecated with exceptional accuracy in this pendant. Diagonal size approx. 53 mm.

Metal --------------------------- Gold

Karats -------------------------- 14 krt

Gramms ------------------------- 13 gram

Milimeter ------------------------ 53 milimeter

Price in Gold 589€ - Argentium Silver 119€



Massive, 3 dimensional Sailfish pendant

The breathtaking and acrobatic stunts and capers of this amazing sailfish have been prepetuated within this beautiful pendant. Diagonal size approx. 48 mm.

Metal --------------------------- Gold

Karats -------------------------- 14 krt

Gramms ------------------------- 12 gram

Milimeter ------------------------ 48 milimeter

Price in Gold 489 € - Argentium Silver 109 €


Massive, 3 dimensional Shark pendant

The natural threat of the shark shows its power and killer-instinct. This prehistoric force is showing from this beautiful designed pendant.

Metal --------------------------- Gold

Karats -------------------------- 14 krt

Gramms ------------------------- 9 gram

Milimeter ------------------------ 41 milimeter

Price in Gold 449€ - Argentium Silver 99€

Prijs in Goud 449€ - Argentium Zilver 99€


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     Blue Marlin

10 Oct Incredible

07 Oct Marlin, Tuna, Dorado

06 Oct Great Day

25 Sep 600 lbs Bluefin Tuna

17 Sep Plenty of fish


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