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sunny weather in Gran Canaria
raining and cloudy in Gran Canaria
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Live weather:
 live weather information from the South of Gran Canaria

The wind, the Gulf Stream, the relief and the geographical latitude determine the climate of Gran Canaria, an island of volcanic origins and rich in contrasts.

The Canaries enjoy a worldwide fame, gained because of its mild climate, one of the best in the whole world. Gran Canaria's weather is mild, with pleasant temperatures, never too high and almost always constant.

The average temperatures oscillate between the 22,5 ºC and the 28,5 ºC (maximum), and between the 14,7 ºC and the 20,5 ºC (minimum).

Gran Canaria is a mountainous island where the trade winds prevail around all year. This island deserves the nickname "continent in miniature", as it holds a wide variety of microclimates that go from the subtropical to the continental climates.

Sometimes, you can see snow in the highest peaks, and just a few kilometres away you will get both tropical temperatures and extreme cold.

The most humid area is located in the medianías, the northern area before the summit that is under the direct influence of the humid trade winds.

Sea Surface Temperature

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sea surface temperature from the Canary Islands

Wave Height

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Wve height from the Canary Islands

Climat & Temperature (temperature in shadow & celcius )

Average maximum temp. Average minimum temp. Average over all
22.5 15.0 19.5
23.0 15.0 19.5
26.0 14.7 18.6
22.3 16.2 19.6
24.7 17.5 20.6
25.8 18.2 21.2
25.8 20.0 23.5
28.5 20.5 23.5
26.0 19.5 24.0
25.7 20.2 24.6
23.8 18.1 22.6
22.7 15.5 19.0

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