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Bluefin Tuna
Date added: Sun, 29 Apr 2018 19:16
During the last days, several sport fishing boats were successful with the trolling fishing.
For example, the boats Calrei and the Blue Marlin 3 both caught two Bluefin Tuna this week, which of course were properly released.

There were also several private boats successful this weekend with the capture of one or more of these gigantic powerhouses.

The boat Cavalier has 3 days this week to fight with one of these tuna, because the boat goes Thursday 3/5 to Sunday 6/5 to the dry dock for its annual maintenance.

Good catch to everyone !

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Bottom fishing OK - Trolling fishing SHIT
Date added: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 20:01
Bottom fishing OK

With the catch of two Bluefin Tuna, the courage went well last week.
How unpredictable is sport fishing has been proven the last days.
Five days of trolling brought unfortunately not one fish in or beside the boat.

Today we tried our luck again with a fishing trip on the bottom.
With catches of Atlantic Bonito, Barracuda and some smaller Snappers a great fishing day, but still .......?

Tomorrow we trolling again.
One thing is certain !!!!!
The Bluefin Tuna or the 1st Blue Marlin is close by.

Canaria Fishing News
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350 kg Bluefin Tuna
Date added: Sun, 15 Apr 2018 16:53
Many days with a 'zero' are suddenly richly rewarded this weekend.
Yesterday released the Cavalier a beautiful 280 kilos Bluefin Tuna and today they caught another one

Regular customer Kaarlo was allowed to battle with this giant tuna today, which was estimated at a weight of no less than 350 kilos.

Three strikes were needed to get this sample under control.
The 1st one was lost after a 50 meter run and the 2nd strike was lost after a run of 500 meters.

But the 3rd strike was okay and after a hard fight could the crew of the Cavalier release their 4th Big Eye tuna of 2018.

Congratulations !

Cavalier Fishing News
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280 kg Bluefin Tuna
Date added: Sat, 14 Apr 2018 16:58
Mr Alexander Engel from Germany was today the lucky angler onboard of the boat Cavalier.

He hooked-up and caught and released a 280 kg Bluefin Tuna.
The fight took 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Congratulations again Alexander, and let's see if we can find tomorrow another one for you

Cavalier Fishing News

250.000 kilo
Date added: Tue, 10 Apr 2018 16:50
The Spanish quota for Bluefin tuna, which totaled 250,000 kilos, is closed for Spanish professional fishing.
All 250 tons have already been caught for the year 2018.

Both, the Bluefin tuna and the Blue and White Marlin, can of course be caught by the anglers, unless they are released in good condition.

Due to the strong wind it is not easy to find the above powerhouses the last few days.

Tomorrow we have another day

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Bottom Fishing
Date added: Tue, 03 Apr 2018 17:51
The last few days the trolling fishing is still a bit disappointing.
Daily there are a few Bluefin tuna brought on land by the professional boats, but these tuna are currently swimming too far from the coast to make a chance on our 6 till 10 hour fishing trips.
But as any angler will understand, this can suddenly turn around.

As long as that has not happened, we are fishing at the bottom and the photos do not lie that a nice fish can also be caught here.

Tomorrow we have another day

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Reef Fishing
Date added: Thu, 29 Mar 2018 17:02
This morning we had Mark Agreiter on board of the Cavalier.
Mark fished allready last sunday on this boat and caught on this first trip 14 North Atlantic Bonito's.

Today he pefered to try some reef fishing and luckely not without succes.
He caught some Red Snappers, some nice Amberjacks and again some Atlantic Bonito.

Thanks again Mark and hopefully we see you back during one of your next holidays.

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Atlantic Bonito's
Date added: Sun, 25 Mar 2018 17:06

Today we can look back on a nice fish week with good catches.
On the bottom and just above it, it was mainly the Red Snappers, and the Comber fish which provided the most action.
Today twas the Cavalier trolling, which brought 14 beautiful large North Atlantic Benits on board. Unfortunately we could not find the bigger tuna this Sunday.

To clarify, I want to point out again in this Latest News that the fish species (Rays and Sharks) are protected here in Gran Canaria and that absolutely no fishing is allowed on these species.
If it happens that you catch one or more of these species, the Spanish legislation stipulates that you absolutely can not take these fish on board and that you have to release them as quickly and in as good a condition as possible.

Reporting and taking pictures of these fish species and then publishing them via website or other media would mean advertising of protective fish species and that is absolutely NOT allowed.

The boat Cavalier adheres strictly to the above rules and the catches of Rays or Sharks are therefore NOT listed on their Website or Facebook.
Also, the crew of this boat does not allow their customers to take pictures of these fish species.

More and more I get the question from sport fishermen:
Why Not ?
So you can read the answer to this question above.

See you tomorrow.

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Captain Hafid back again !
Date added: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 18:08
After a sick leave of a few days was this morning, Captain Hafid back again.
And.........the catches were again like before !

On board Ulf Mattsson from Sweden who had chartered the Cavalier with two friends.
They opted for bottom fishing, which later turned out to be a good choice.
11 beautiful Snappers and many smaller perch were caught.
A successful fishing day with light material.

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Date added: Sat, 17 Mar 2018 19:55
Of course, it can everyone happen.
Sick, weak and nauseous and you just feel yourself shit for a few days.
This happened to our captain Hafid this week who unfortunately had to stay in bed the last days of this week.

Probably the Albacores had taken over the virus from Hafid because they also suddenly were gone during the last 3 days.

From Monday it will hopefully be as usual.

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Tuna !!!!!
Date added: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 18:01

Today, the private boats were the most successful ones.
One private boat from Mogan caught this morning 4 Big Eye tuna and another from Puerto Rico caught one Albacore and is at the moment fighting with a Bluefin Tuna.

The sport fishing boats from Puerto Rico let it a little bit down today.

Except for one.

Lucky Luc fished today on the Blue Marlin 3 and it was just him who caught a good sized Albacore. Well done Luc and congratulations again with this beautiful catch.

Canaria Fishing News.
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Tuna is back !!!!
Date added: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 01:47
At the bottom as well as with the trolling fishing, were today several sport fishing boats successful.

The crew of the boat Blue Marlin 3 has tried their luck today with the trolling fishing and and caught 6 big Albacores and 1 Bigeye tuna.
This boat caught yesterday also 3 big eye tuna.
Congrats Guys !!!

Excellent catches were also made with the bottom fishing.
Great catches were reported this morning by the boats White Marlin and Cavalier.

Congratulations to all fishermen and tight lines for tomorrow.

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Date added: Wed, 07 Mar 2018 23:33

Yesterday was the Cavalier the whole day trolling, but unfortunately no tuna was found, outside some large schools with dolphins was the sea empty

So today we went back to the reef.
Both, during the morning and during the afternoons the catches were reasonable.

No real outliers, but with the catch of some Atlantic Bonito, Barracuda, Moray, Seabreams, Red Snappers, Bluefish .... etc, most anglers on board were again very satisfied.

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Nice Catches on the Cavalier
Date added: Mon, 05 Mar 2018 18:01
The first day of the week started with a light south-west wind and sunny.
What more could a sports fisherman wish for? Exactly, a lot of action and nice catches. And also those were there today.

Among today's regular fishermen, Wisse Koppejan, who has been showing his fishing skills in Gran Canaria for several years now.
Yvonne and Luc Mom, better known by many - Lucky Lucs Catch Reports - were also aboard the Cavalier today.

Catches consisted mainly of North Atlantic Bonito, some large Brown Moray, several Sea Breams, Snappers and many small reef fish.

Tomorrow we will go trolling and who knows if there will be an Albacore or a ...... ????? .
We will keep you informed.

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Date added: Sat, 03 Mar 2018 18:55
Very bad weather conditions in the south of Gran Canaria, which were accompanied by a lot of rain and a hard to very hard south-west storm, ensured that the last week could hardly be fished.

Yesterday it was finally possible to sail again but the turbid water made it almost impossible to catch a nice fish.

Today the water was fortunately a lot clearer and with live bait there were now nice catches of North Atlantic Bonito.
On the bottom, it was mainly the smaller reef perch which provided the action.

The forecast for the coming week is as usual and with daily temperatures of 25 degrees and a 10 knots south-west wind it can now only get better.

A good mood and a bottle of sunscreen are now enough to catch a personal record.


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Happy Birthday Phil
Date added: Sat, 24 Feb 2018 16:49
Since Gran Canaria was plagued yesterday by rain and heavy gusts of wind, it was decided this morning to go bottom fishing.
The sun was happy again and with a moderate south-west wind it became a great fishing day.

Today we had the Paige family from the United Kingdom aboard the Cavalier.
The fishing trip was organized in honor of Father Phil's birthday.
And Phil did not dare wish for a nicer gift.
The catches were really fantastic.

A big Bluefish, several beautiful Atlantic Bonito's and Barracudas were caught with live bait.
When an Atlantic Bonito was used as bait a bit later, the temptation for an estimated 25 kilos heavy hammerhead shark was too great.
This was of course released neatly and we unfortunately can not publish photos of this catch.

On the bottom and just above, a few dozen breams and other reef inhabitants were spoiled with the strips of fresh mackerel.

All in all a very successful fishing day.

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Bluefin 320 kg
Date added: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 16:57
BLUEFIN 320 kg

The boat Cavalier caught and released this morning, after a brillanf fight, their 2nd Bluefin Tuna from 2018.
The gigant fish, which was estimated at a weight of 300 to 325 kg, has been released in good condition.

The boat Blue Marlin 3 also managed to release one yesterday, and today, besides the boat Cavalier, the White Marlin and the private boat of Erik from Mogan were also successful.
The other fishing boats also reported bites and missers from these powerhouses.

The Albacores probably left for deeper water, because not one boat managed to catch one today.

Canaria Fishing
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Bluefin on 50 lbs
Date added: Fri, 16 Feb 2018 23:18
Very bad luck today for angler Andrew Griffiths who had chartered the boat Cavalier.

Andrew hooked up with a Bluefin Tuna on a 50 lbs rod/reel/line.
Unfortunately he lost the fish only 20 meters behind the deck.

Sometimes it is a hard life to be a fisherman.

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2/3 Albacores
Date added: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 18:00
The Cavalier was today the only, of 6 Sportfishing boats, who caught 2 of 3 strikes Albacores.

Rikard Ollestad and
Anders Rolands, both from Norway, were this morning the luckiest fishermen .
Both anglers caught a good sized Albacore Tuna.

Congratulations anglers and crew, well done.

Canaria Fishing News

275 kg Bluefin
Date added: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 21:42
It was today the boat Cavalier who released this afternoon their first Bluefin Tuna of 2018. The weight of the fish has been estimated at 275 kg.

This morning were already 3 Albacores caught and another 2 in the afternoon.

Congrats guys with these great catches.

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