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We Prefer to Tag and Release All Billfish



  • As our regular customers already know and as can be read on this web site, Blue Marlin Charters supports catch and release as well as tag and release for a 100%.
  • This goes for all billfish we catch. Should the poor thing die an unfortunate death, then so be it...
  • Owing to this support our boats has been certified by the Billfish Foundation numerous times.
  • Please give us a hand, to complete this page, and send us all the pictures and text, which you will find in magazines, internet........etc. Go on with the good work, release your fish, so our children will enjoy the sport-fishing too.

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Dolphin Massacre in Japan

Ocean Killers
     Blue Marlin

15 Mar Covid 19

14 Mar 8 + 1 = 9

12 Mar Bluefin nr: 7 & 8

09 Mar 5 days - 6 Bluefin

08 Mar 200 & 280 kilos


Hall of Fame -  Blue Marlin Sport Fishig in Gran Canaria