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We Prefer to Tag and Release All Billfish

Measure in Inches

1 Inch = 2.24 centimeter - 1 English pound = 453 gram.


Measure the fish from tip of the nose to the fork of the tail (this will be called the LENGTH MEASUREMENT ).

Now measure around the fish in front of the Pectoral Fins (this will be called the GIRTH MEASUREMENT ).

  •  Now take the girth measurement and square it (multiply it by itself - if the measurement was 25 inches then would be: 25 x 25= 625 ).

  •  Now multiply the girth number squared (625) by the length measurement (lets say 125 inches) ( 625 x 125 = 78125 ).

  •  Now divide by 800 ( 78125 : 800 = 97.66 ) so your fishes weight is approximately 97.66 lbs.


Use the folowing divisors when making the final division in the above formula:

  • North Atlantic Sailfish - 1500
  • North Atlantic Spearfish - 1500
  • White Marlin - 1300
  • Striped Marlin - 950
  • North Atlantic Blue Marlin - 800
  • Black Marlin - 700
  • Indo / Pacific Blue Marlin - 650
For most other species normal used 840

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     Blue Marlin

18 Nov Sunny & Light breeze

12 Nov Team Martens

11 Nov Big Garfish

09 Nov Nice Catches

07 Nov Well done


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