Pegusa lascaris

Zeetong Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria
  • Canarische EilandenLenguado
  • DeensSotunge
  • DuitsGemeine Seezunge
  • EngelsSole sand
  • FinsKielikampela
  • FransSole Commune
  • ItaliaansSogliola Comune
  • NederlandsZeetong
  • NoorsTunge
  • PoolsSola laskara
  • PortugeesLinguado de areia
  • RussischMorskoi yazyk
  • SpaansLenguado de arena
  • ZweedsÄkta Tunga

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Geschreven door Claire, 27 augustus 2023

I had an incredible experience with the Sole Sand Fish! Its vibrant colors and graceful movements captivated me from the moment I laid eyes on it. The fish_s unique ability to bury itself in the sand, only to reappear moments later, added an element of surprise to every interaction. Its behavior was fascinating to observe, and it quickly became the centerpiece of my aquarium. The Sole Sand Fish_s adaptability and beauty make it a must-have for any fish enthusiast. Five stars!

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