Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

  • Where can I find the boats Cavalier and Blue Marlin 3?
  • Our boats are moored in harhour Base, also known as harbour Porto Novo.
    If you are accommodated in Puerto Rico it is quite easy to find. Puerto Rico is situated in a bay, surrounded by apartments. Looking outside your accommodation you will see the beach lying between two harbours. You will find our boats in the harbour on your left hand side.
    For a map from the mooring of our boats you can Click Here

  • Is there a transport service?
  • Yes there is. Our FREE transport service picks you up at the reception of your holiday accommodation and will take you back after your fishing trip.
    Places which are eligible are: Puerto Rico, Bahia Feliz, San Agustin, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Tauro, Playa Taurito and Puerto de Mogan.

  • At what time do I have to be present?
  • You will have to be present 30 minutes before departure.
    The common departure time of the boats is 9 a.m

  • Do I have to make reservations beforehand?
  • Of course it is not a must, but it would be wise to do so.
    The boats are usually fully booked a week or more a head.

  • Can I make reservations via e-mail, phone or whatsapp ?
  • Yes, you can. You will be certain of a place and need not to worry about a thing.
    You also can contact us by e.mail on: or on +346079133i3 or +34607626237

  • Can I make reservations that include the flight, hotel or apartment?
  • We will always be happy to advise you on this issue.
    We can offer you 1 till 4 persons apartments, only 5 minutes walking away of our fishing boat.
    Click here for more info and pictures

  • What's the difference between a Full, a Part or a Family Charter?
  • Please read the page: Fishing Trips
Frequently asked questions - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

  • What material is being used aboard?
  • The boats are provided with hyper modern equipment such as: Sonar, GPS, Plotter, Lees fighting chair and outriggers.
    When Trolling the 30, 50, 80 and 130 lbs Shimano and Penn International reels are used.
    These are all provided with double speed. The most rods are of the brand Tiagra.
    For Bottom Fishing 12, 20, 30 and 50 lbs gear is being used, all provided with Penn Senator and Shimano Reels.

  • What kind of fish are caught and during which period?
  • From November through March we will be bottom fishing for the most.
    During these months we usually catch fish such as: Rays, Moray eel, Breams, Snappers, Barracuda, Amberjacks and Congers and so on.
    During this period there is even a chance of catching Tuna fish.
    Since Shoal of Tuna move along the coast in March and April, there is a great chance of catching Skipjack, Albacore, Big Eye, Yellow and Bluefin Tuna fish during these months.
    Unfortunately there are no indications on the exact weeks for this.
    From May through October the chances for Trolling are clearly increasing.
    The Tuna of March and April are succeeded by White Marlin and the Spear fish of May and June.
    The period in which chances are up to catch a Blue Marlin is from June through September.
    Also during the months mentioned earlier the Wahoo, Dorado and all Tuna species like Albacore, Big eye tuna and the Yellow fin tuna are often caught when trawling for fish.

  • Is experience required to go big game fishing?
  • Experience is not required. Aboard the boat and at the harbour desk, four languages are spoken.
    These are English, German, Spanish and Dutch.
    So everything will be explained fluently in one of the above languages.
    The world record Mako shark was caught on the boat Blue Marlin 3 by an Englishman, who had never held a fishing rod in his life.
    After a four and a half hour fight he landed the monster weighing 488kilo/1075lbs.
    So, you are never too old to learn!
Frequently asked questions - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

  • What are the expectations for children and spectators aboard?
  • Special for children and spectators we have our Family Charter
    Of course also children can join fishing.
    The guests on this trip are often surprised by a shoal of dolphins.
    During the summer there are also a lot of flying fish and turtles.
    Taking photographs of whales is often a possibility.
    Besides all this has the boat also a large sun deck at your disposal.
    We have Family Charters from 3 or 4 hours.
    These charters always starts at 3 p.m till 6 or 7 p.m

  • Do people often get seasick on board?
  • It does indeed happen, in very bad weather, that someone feels a bit nauseous or sick.
    But the chance of this can actually be neglected.

    As you can see in the picture on the left, Puerto Rico is located in the South West of Gran Canaria.
    The wind here on the Canary Islands almost blows from the North or North/East.
    While the tourists in Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles sometimes blow off the beaches, our boats fish wonderfully in the lee of the high mountains on a mirror-smooth sea.

    But if you still want to be 99.9% sure that you won't get seasick, buy a box of Biodramine with Caffeine tablets at the Farmacia.
    These are available for both, adults and children.
    Take two tablets an hour before your fishing trip and a third, if necessary, halfway through the trip.
    Be sure that nothing can happen to you now.
Frequently asked questions - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

  • Do I bring anything else?
  • There is no need to do so.
    On all our trips over 6 hours, you will have a breadroll ham or cheese with a cold drink include.
    On the 3 to 5 hour trips we will be serving one cold drink.
    More drinks can be purchased against a regular price.
    Use of bait and fishing gear are included in all our fishing trips.

  • Do I bring warm clothing?
  • The Canarian Islands have a subtropical climate. During the winter the average temperature is about 23 Celcius degrees, during the summer the average temperature is about 27 Celcius degrees.
    It can be quite chilly during the winter months.
    We therefore advise you to bring a sweater.

  • What happens to the fish after it has been caught?
  • We are against killing fish. On our boat the crew tag and release the Blue and White Marlin and the Spear fish, All Rays, Skates, Angel Sharks, Sharks.......etc.
    There can be circumstances in which the fish will not be released; these fish will be used for private purposes.

  • Do you have more questions??
  • Please contact us by phone or whatsapp on number +34607913313 or +34607626237.
    You can write also an e.mail to: or use Our Reservation form
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