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We Prefer to Tag and Release All Billfish

The Canary Islands are located approximately 150 km off the African west coast (Morocco)

The 7 large end 6 smaller islands belong to Spain.

Canary Islands

Together, the 7 most familiar islands, cover about 78000 km2.

One of these islands is Gran Canaria with its capital, Las Palmas.

Puerto Rico, widely known as the Big Game centre, can be found on the south-west side of the island.

The tourist accomodation complexes are mostly build against the mountains of Puerto Rico, providing a beautiful view of its beach and two harbours .

Puerto Base, also known as “Harbor Porto Novo”, is the largest harbor of the two and accommodates about 80% of all watersport activities and excursions.

The Big Game Fishing boats can be found in harbour Porto Novo. Please keep in mind: the boats are normally fully booked for days and sometimes weeks on end, which means that last minute trips are virually impossible.

The boats of Blue Marlin Charters you can recognise on the logo. This logo you can find on our boats and on the info desk in the harbor.

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     Blue Marlin

15 Mar Covid 19

14 Mar 8 + 1 = 9

12 Mar Bluefin nr: 7 & 8

09 Mar 5 days - 6 Bluefin

08 Mar 200 & 280 kilos


Hall of Fame -  Blue Marlin Sport Fishig in Gran Canaria