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Blue Marlin 600 lbs
Date added: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 15:48
The anglers on board the Cavalier again had again a fantastic day of fishing.
After two hours of fishing, the first Blue Marlin was spotted behind the lures, but unfortunately the fish had no interest in the offered bait.

At twelve o'clock we were successful
A Blue Marlin took the lure of the Gary Browns' rod.
After a run of more than 700 meters and some beautiful jumps the fish dived to the depth, and Gary was allowed to show his strength.

The allready 84-year-old Gary had his hands full to tame this giant, but after an hour he fished the Blue Marlin next to the boat.

The fish was estimated by the expierenced crew at a weight of about 600 lbs..
We congratulate Gary Brown from England and the crew once again with this beautiful catch.

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1st Release
Date added: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 14:06
The Trophy, won by the Cavalier, for releasing the 1st Blue Marlin from the Puerto de Mogan Tournament 2018.

Tournement Mogan
Date added: Sat, 14 Jul 2018 13:28
Last week fished the boat Cavalier 3 days in the Puerto de Mogan Tournement.

Just like in 2017, caught and released the boat also this year the 1st Blue Marlin of this tournament.

Great job guys, congratulations, well done!

Today we return to the 6 hour fishing trips.
Hopefully we can find again some good sized game fish

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400 lbs Blue Marlin
Date added: Wed, 11 Jul 2018 17:07
Maandag, op de eerste dag van het driedaagse Mogan Big Game-toernooi, werd er geen enkele marlijn gezien.
Vanmorgen op de tweede toernooidag leek het opeens een ware explosie, toen op het zelfde moment maar liefst 5 à 6 boten een aanbeet kregen.

Vandaag werden er door de 17 deelnemende boten 5 Blauwe Marlijnen ge-released en 2 werden verspeeld.

De boot Cavalier had vanmorgen ook een schitterende release van naar schatting 400 lbs Blue Marlin.
Dennis en Ola Eriksson uit Zweden waren vandaag de sportvissers aan boord.
Gefeliciteerd jongens.
Op vrijdag wordt de derde en laatste dag van het Mogan-toernooi gevangen.

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Bovenstaande vermeldingen zijn officieus en nog niet door de wedstrijdleiding bevestigd.
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And another one !
Date added: Wed, 04 Jul 2018 15:40
For the third day in a row managed the Cavalier again to catch a nice Wahoo.
The lucky angler this time was Lennard from Sweden.
There were also this fishing day several small Atlantic Bonito's caught

Cavalier Fishing News
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Date added: Tue, 03 Jul 2018 16:56
The last two days we can not grumble about the catches.
Yesterday a beautiful, estimated, 120 lbs Hammerhead shark was released and a big Wahoo was caught.
Both catches then came in the name of Peter van Dijk from Holland.

Today several Atlantic Bonito's were caught on the light rods and again a large Wahoo could not resist the temptation to take one of our lures.
This time the honor came to Fred, a Norwegian angler.

Unfortunately no action from Marlin, but now that the Bonito's are back, can this change again just like that.

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300 lbs Blue Marlin
Date added: Mon, 25 Jun 2018 15:07
After a break of 5 fishing days without any marlin bite, was the boat Cavalier this morning succesful again.

They hooked up with a 300 lbs Blue Marlin and after a 15 minutes fight they released this beauty again in a very good condition.

This Marlin was for the boat Cavalier nr 8 of the season 2018.

Congratulations again to fisherman and crew

Canaria Fishing News
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800 lbs Blue Marlin
Date added: Tue, 19 Jun 2018 16:38
Rolf Gutske from Germany took this morning care of this 'monster fish', which ended, after a hard fight, in a brilliant release.

This Blue Marlin was estimated by the crew at a weight of about 800 lbs.

Congratulations guys !

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600 lbs Blue Marlin
Date added: Sat, 16 Jun 2018 14:09
In the first week of his holiday (June 3) he already managed to get one, stand-up, on the hook.
The fight lasted for almost 2 hours on a 50 lbs rod.

Now two weeks later and on the last day of his holiday,he did it again..
I am talking about angler Peter Zeestraaten, better known by many as Peter Heineken.

Peter managed to catch a Blue Marlin today, in less than 20 minutes, with an estimated weight of about 280 kilos.

Great Peter and what a wonderful end of your fishing days on the Cavalier.

A very good trip to Holland and hopefully we see you again during your next holiday

Canaria Fishing News
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Date added: Fri, 15 Jun 2018 17:52
The boat Cavalier had a very nice start this morning.
With only a part of the lines in the water, they had immediately success.
Jos van Loo from the Netherlands could very quickly cross out the catch of a Wahoo from his bucketlist.

A little later it became super exciting again when a giant Blue Marlin took one of the lures followed by an estimated 800 meter run.
Woooow, what a sensation.
The party unfortunately did not last longer than a few minutes.
Too bad, after all, you can't catch them all.

On the boardradio we heard that two Blue Marlins were caught this day and of course the Wahoo of Jos.

Tomorrow we have another chance

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300 lbs Blue Marlin
Date added: Fri, 15 Jun 2018 07:56
The Cavalier released yesterday afternoon another Blue Marlin.
The fish has been estimated at a weight of 300 lbs and was the 5th marlin of the season.

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325 lbs Blue Marlin
Date added: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 12:36
Another very happy fisherman !

In the fighting chair this morning Edwin Woudenberg from Holland.
In a battle with an estimated 150 kilos Blue Marlin, Edwin was the winner in less than 30 minutes.

Great Edwin! If I wanted someone to catch a Blue Marlin, it would be you.
Congratulations again with the catch of this amazing beautiful fish.

Edwin's marlin has been released neatly and in good condition after taking the pictures.

Canaria Fishing News
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280 kg Blue Marlin
Date added: Sun, 10 Jun 2018 18:00
Woooooooow, today the 4th Blue Marlin of the season 2018 has also been caught by the boat Cavalier.

The Cavalier is doing well with this catch, as she is currently the only sport fishing boat in Puerto Rico which has already caught four.
In fact, all other boats still have to catch their 1st marlin.
But as every angler knows, this is of course also a factor of happiness. Or not .............?

Marco Vermeulen was today the lucky angler who could take place in the fighting chair.
It was a tough fight which luckily resulted in the success of this catch.
The Blue Marlin was estimated by the crew at 280/300 kilos.
So, a huge boy. The fish was of course released properly.

Congratulations guys with this beautiful catch.

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200 kg Blue Marlin
Date added: Thu, 07 Jun 2018 13:02
The boat Cavalier released this morning their 3rd Blue Marlin of the season 2018.
Lucky angler was again the German Werner Völler, who released last week also the 1st one.
Werner his 2nd marlin has been estimated by the crew at a weight of 200 kg /440 lbs.

Canaria Fishing News

300 lbs Blue Marlin
Date added: Sun, 03 Jun 2018 20:16
It was this morning Peter Zeestraten from Holland who was allowed to catch the second Blue Marlin, from the boat Cavalier, of the 2018 season.

Peter caught this estimated 140 pounds Blue Marlin, stand-up with a 50 pound rod and reel.

Great Peter, once again congratulations with this beautiful catch.

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Red Snappers
Date added: Sat, 02 Jun 2018 18:09
The Cavalier fished this last week several times and successfully on the bottom.
Catches consisted mainly of Red Snappers and Seabreams.

Because of the low water temperature the catches with the trolling are still moderate. Some Skipjacks were caught. This morning we also received a report of the catch of a Blue Marlin

So fingers crossed for the next week

Canaria Fishing News

Bottom fishing
Date added: Wed, 30 May 2018 21:11
After the success of the catch of the first Blue Marlin, is the trolling fishing unfortunately a little disappointing.

For this reason fished the boat Cavalier this morning a few hours on the bottom.

Tomorrow we have another day.

Canaria Fishing News

280 kg Blue Marlin
Date added: Wed, 23 May 2018 21:41

The Cavalier caught and released this morning their 1st Blue Marlin of the season 2018.

The crew estimated the weight of the fish at 280 kg/620 lbs.

Regular client Werner from Germany was the lucky angler today.

Congratulations Werner and crew. Well done!

Cavalier Fishing News

North Atlantic Bonito
Date added: Sun, 20 May 2018 01:15
The Cavalier fished Saturday with light tackle and life bait on the surface of the water.

They caught 4/5 Atlantic Bonito, 0/1 Barracuda, 1/1 Red Snapper.

On the bottom they were succesfull to catch 4 heavy Rays.
These last are all 4 released in a good condition.

Sunday they go for the trolling fishing.

Cavalier Fishing News

Maarten van Tol & friends
Date added: Fri, 18 May 2018 15:06
Today we had Maarten van Tol and his 2 friends from Holland onboard, who have chartered the the boat for 3 days.
They started their 1st day on the bottom.
We'll done guys.

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