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Date added: Tue, 21 May 2019 14:22
The morning session we finished today with the catch of some nice Dorado's and Bonito's.

Congratulations and well done guys!

Canaria Fishing News.

Date added: Sun, 19 May 2019 09:32
The Marlin still doesn't show up.
The previous days, the Cavalier has been fishing for many hours, but unfortunately still without the success of the 1st Marlin release.

Today a day off for the crew and who knows?

Tomorrow we have another fishing day.

Canaria Fishing News

Date added: Tue, 14 May 2019 15:28
It has been a few days since the boat Cavalier started the big game season 2019.

To date, these days have gone quiet and the crew is still waiting for their first billfish release of this season.

Fortunately already 3 release notifications from other fishing boats and the necessary misses have already been reported.

On board this week, hunter and angler Rex Baker from the US state of Georgia, who chartered the boat in the coming days.

Hopefully he can successfully finish his fishing days this weekend.

Tight lines


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Marlin Release
Date added: Mon, 06 May 2019 07:56
The Cavalier will start tomorrow May 7, the Marlin Season 2019

The boat has been in the dry dock for a few days for annual maintenance.

This year has, outside the usual controls, a new radar installed.
This radar will be used to locate the seagulls, which in turn betray where the schools of tuna are.

Yesterday the boat Fishon reported their first release of a Blue Marlin.
Marlin was also seen by other boats.

The Cavalier will be ready from tomorrow 7 May.

Cavalier Fishing Charters.

Canaria Fishing News

1 Week Drydock
Date added: Tue, 30 Apr 2019 16:28
The Cavalier boat went to dry dock today for the annual maintenance.
Before the Big Game season really starts, everything will be checked motorically and parts will replaced if necessary.
The Big Game Season for the Cavalier then starts on Tuesday, May 7!

The last days of April it was very quiet when trolling fishing.
Today the boat was chartered by Marco Bos, who wanted to try his luck with daughter Sophie and luckily not for nothing.
Daughter Sophie soon managed to turn a beautiful Barracuda out.
Congratulations again

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Canaria Fishing News

80 kg Big Eye Tuna
Date added: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 10:25
Cavalier caught on the afternoon trip of Tuesday April 22, a 80 kg Big Eye Tuna

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Heavy Big Eye
Date added: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 16:33

The boat Cavalier had another great day today.
They hooked and caught a Big Eye Tuna, estimated by the crew at a weight between 100/120 kilos.

Wel done guys and fishermen

Canaria Fishing News

Ups & Downs
Date added: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 22:33
Not every day can be a successful day.
While most sport fishing boats managed to catch tuna in the last 3 days, the Cavalier was not involved.

Fortunately, that changed again today.
During todays afternoon trip they caught again 3 beautiful big eye tuna.

Congratulations guys.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

The Show Goes on!
Date added: Fri, 12 Apr 2019 21:42
Also today was a successful day.
There has been caught again, plenty of Tuna.

The clients on the Cavalier did this morning a great job with the catch of 3 beautiful Big Eye Tuna.

Well done guys!

Canaria Fishing News

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Bingo 30 kg
Date added: Thu, 11 Apr 2019 15:02
Also today was the Cavalier the only sportfishing boat from Puerto Rico who caught Big Eye Tuna.

Congratulations and well done guys!

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40 & 50 kg Bluefin
Date added: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 15:30
It was Joshua Panek who had chartered this morning, with some friends, the boat Cavalier.

Yesterday it didn't work out for a day, but today their success was back.

Around 11.15 a.m, they had a triple hook up followed by 3 screaming reels.

Unfortunately, the first of the three bites was soon lost.
But the anglers Olivia and Ridly were luckily more successful.

After about 20 minutes they caught two, estimated, 40 and 50 Kilo, Bigeye tuna.

Thanks again guys for the nice and pleasant fishing day and hopefully until next time.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Canaria Fishing News

Blue fin tuna
Date added: Tue, 09 Apr 2019 17:45
After the successful catch of the boat Cavalier, which managed to catch 6 beautiful Big Eye tuna a few days ago, the other sport fishing boats have now also started their trolling adventure.

Yesterday morning, a colleague sport fishing boat from Pasito Blanco, caught also 6 Big eye tuna.
Also on the Cavalier, during their afternoon trip, also a hook up of a Blue fin tuna but the fish was unfortunately lost

Today, Tuesday, also some tuna action on the south coast of Gran Canaria.
A small private boat broke one of their rods during the fight of an estimated 160 kilograms of Blue fin tuna. Luckely they could release the Bluefin in a good condition.

In addition, were today also made good tuna catches by the commercial boats.

Tomorrow it may be our turn again!

Cavalier Fishing News

6 Big Eye Tuna
Date added: Sat, 06 Apr 2019 15:44
The winner takes at all!
After many days of searching, the wait was today finally rewarded.

The Cavalier had already set course to the port when they found at 1.45 p.m a large bait ball.

Within 5 seconds they hooked up with 7 rods, followed by a deafening noise of 7 descending reels.

Despite the slight panic, 6 of 7 beautiful Big Eye tuna were in the boat within 15 to 20 minutes.
The weights varied between 20 and 50 kilos each.
Well done guys.

All anglers + crew congratulations again.

Cavalier Fishing News

Date added: Tue, 02 Apr 2019 17:14
No trolling No tuna

After last week's successful Bluefin Tuna catches it has now become very quiet.

The many baitfish in the water, the whales and many schools of dolphins are all signs that the tuna must still be present.
Unfortunately, with this trolling fishery, it is all or nothing.

No trolling No tuna

Tomorrow we have another day !

Cavalier Fishing News

Bluefin Tuna Nr 3
Date added: Mon, 25 Mar 2019 19:30
Today the party was complete on board the boat Cavalier.

After yesterday's successful fishing day, all other sport fishing boats were now looking for their first Bluefin Tuna.

At 1 p.m it was again the Cavalier who hooked up another "Double Header". Two bites at the same time.

Yesterday Eric Pos caught the very first Bluefin Tuna of 2019, and also on this fishing trip he was again one of the two lucky fishermen.

The other bite came on the rod of the Dutchman René Ketelaars, but unfortunately René lost his tuna after a fight of about 10 minutes.

Eric needed about half an hour to fish his Tuna beside the boat.
His second Bluefin Tuna was estimated by the crew at a weight of around 160 kilos.

Fantastic guys what a day and what a success.
Congratulations again

Cavalier Fishing Charters

2 Bluefin Tuna
Date added: Sun, 24 Mar 2019 16:35
Sunday 24 March 2019 will be by various anglers, not quickly forgotten. And certainly not by the fishermen who had managed to get a place on board the Cavalier this day.
The boat went trolling fishing.
And it turned out that this had been a very good choice.

At 11 a.m they hooked up. Yesssssssssss !!!
"Double Header Bluefin Tuna"
Wooooooooow, what a power.
The rods were assigned to the anglers Eric Pos and Klaas Westerhof, both from Holland.

Klaas, the oldest of the two, was allowed to use the fighting chair. Eric had to do his job without this luxury.

Eric, a plasterer by profession, had no trouble with his tuna and after 35 to 40 minutes he was able to release his catch again.

This gigantic, and for the boat Cavalier the very first Bluefin Tuna of 2019, was estimated by the crew at a weight of 340 kilos.

Klaas had a harder time, fishing his tuna behind the boat.
But after a fight of 3.5 hours, he still had the catch of his life
His monster Bluefin Tuna was estimated over 400 kilos.

Both Bluefins could be released in excellent condition.

Hereby our congratulations go out to the anglers Eric and Klaas and not to mention the excellent crew of the Cavalier.
Because without their craftsmanship it would undoubtedly have been a lot more difficult

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Bluefin Tuna??
Date added: Sat, 23 Mar 2019 21:50
This week we were trolling and also bottom fishing.

Bluefin tuna are now being caught on the Northern Canary Islands.
But unfortunately here, in the south of Gran Canaria, still nothing.

The previous days fishing was done, both on the bottom and also some trolling.

Tomorrow, Sunday, there is planned another day of trolling fishing.

Fingers crossed.

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Bluefin Tuna
Date added: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 08:17
They are a bit later than in previous years, but since a few days ago the first Bluefin tuna were caught again.
Since Saturday, March 16, the Spanish catch quota is again in force.

I heard that the professional boats together can catch 245 tons of Bluefin Tuna.
This of course seems a lot, but with fish of 250 kilos or more these 1000 Bluefin tuna are naturally caught in no time.

The first of 325 kilos was caught in Tenerife this weekend.
So they still swim 100 kilometers from our fishing spots, so who knows?

The catches here also in Puerto Rico are not bad at all.
Mainly North Atlantic Bonitos and Barracuda plus on the bottom of course beautiful large Whoplers which sometimes weights over 50 till 100 kilos.

So today, Monday, we will start our new fishing week.
Fingers crossed?

Cavalier Fishing Charters

Date added: Wed, 13 Mar 2019 15:46
Wooooooow, what a fantastic fishing day.

Welcome back Leo Haak and Klaas Westerhof.
It starts already this morning with the catch of a big Red Snapper, followed by a beautiful large Barracuda and again many Atlantic Bonitos.

Enjoy again the great photos in our Hall of Fame?

Cavalier Fishing Charter's

Date added: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 17:37
Unfortunately, the catches when trolling are still very quiet.
Some Skipjack Tuna are around, but we missed still the catches of Albacores, Big eye and Bluefin Tuna.

But every angler knows that this can change from one to another day.

So also this morning we have fished on the slope of the reef for Snappers, Jack's, Moray..... etc.
With live bait and light rods we've done also nice catches on the surface.

Here are mainly the North Atlantic Bonito and Barracuda that usually gives a good sport.

Tomorrow we have another day.

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