0/4 Bluefin Tuna

0/4 Bluefin Tuna

0/4 Bluefin Tuna Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 13 April 2022

On the photo of this `Latest News` we see Erik Svend Prang from Denmark next to his car. Erik is in his country, our intermediary, who can give you all information about big game fishing via eskignarp@hotmail.com. Especially after what he's been through today!

The above 0/4 means nothing more than that today we got 4 bites of bluefin tuna on the Cavalier, which unfortunately all 4 have been lost.

It started this morning with a warm-up. The elastic was pulled from the outrigger with a powerful jerk.
It resulted in the first adrenaline shot of this fishing day.
But it didn't stop there.

The second bite was a lot more powerful.
A gigant Bluefin tuna had again plunged into our lure resulting in a run of almost 700 meters.....followed by a line break.

Tuna number 3 also managed to get rid of its hook after a run of 50 meters of nylon.

Fortunately, bluefin tuna number 4 remained and finally angler Erik Svend Prang was able to fight this enormous powerhouse.

With all his strength Erik managed to fish the huge tuna, meter by meter, towards the boat.
After a fight of more than an hour, the battle was almost over.
The tuna was still about 25 to 30 meters behind the boat when suddenly..........
Ooooh no, @#*Fuck#@&......even now this tuna managed to get rid of its hook.
Disillusionment number four was now complete.

What a disappointment but at the same time, what an enormous experience, to experience such a fishing day.
A fishing day which was accompanied by large schools of hunting tunas, dolphins and dozens of whales.

Yesterday we only needed one bite, today four bites were not enough.

We are already looking forward to tomorrow's fishing trip with full courage.

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