100 lb Bigeye Tuna

100 lb Bigeye Tuna

100 lb Bigeye Tuna Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria
Hans Kruit - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 22 August 2021

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Anglers Eric Pos and Jos van Loo had chartered the Cavalier for a few hours this Sunday afternoon.
Of course they went trolling for Blue Marlin, Tuna etc.......?

After three hours a large school of hunting dolphins and tuna was found.
A bite was no longer long in coming.

It even became a double bite, the first of which unfortunately came loose during the run.

The second was on Jos' rod, who then took 20 minutes to catch a big-eyed tuna, estimated at 45 to 50 kilos.
Congratulations Jos.
The lines were barely in the water for 10 minutes and it was another hit.
It was Eric's turn now, and his tuna also showed a lot bigger.
The fight lasted over 15 minutes, after which his tuna managed to get rid of its hook. That's a pity.

What a huge disappointment.
Tomorrow both anglers have another chance.
Who knows?

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