3/8 - Plenty of baitfish

3/8 - Plenty of baitfish

3/8 - Plenty of baitfish Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 3 August 2023

The North Atlantic cooks with fish.
Big bait balls with mackerel and sardines, schools of small dorado, skipjack tuna, whales, dolphins........ and blue and white marlin.

Only these last two are not so easy to catch with this gigantic bait offer.

Tuesday afternoon I was on a trip aboard the Cavalier when we got a brilliant bite from a Blue Marlin.
After 30 seconds, the party was unfortunately over.
Wednesday morning exactly the same story.

This morning we first received a visit from an estimated minimum of 350 kg blue marlin which casually swam next to the lures and did nothing else.

Ten minutes later we had a good strike.
The estimated 150 kg blue marlin was now caught by Adam Anby from the UK.
Adam was working 20 minutes with his fish.

Suddenly also success on the boat Blue Marlin 3 where a 140 kg blue marlin was released.

Two other boats also reported catches of blue marlin today.

So you can see that every fishing day is full of surprises.

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