400 kg _880 lbs_ 280 kg _620 lbs_ 240 kg _530 lbs_

400 kg _880 lbs_ 280 kg _620 lbs_ 240 kg _530 lbs_

400 kg _880 lbs_ 280 kg _620 lbs_ 240 kg _530 lbs_ Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 12 April 2023

Today was a successful fishing day for both boats.

The Blue Marlin 3 hooked up with a Bluefin tuna around 11am. The English angler won the fight here after almost 3 hours. The tuna was estimated to weigh about 280 kilograms.

Fifteen minutes later a double hook up was also reported from the boat Cavalier.
The lucky anglers here were Michael Rausch from Germany and Nils Thorlak from Denmark.

Michael's tuna, was unfortunately lost after a 20 minutes fight.

Nils, who was also successful a few days ago, was also on this trip the luckiest angler.
After a two hour and 45 minute fight, his fish finally showed up.

Wooooooow, what a monster.
After the measurement and the many photos and the necessary calculations, this huge bluefin tuna was estimated by the crew to weigh almost 400 kilos [880 lbs]

On the afternoon departure Cavalier hooked up again. It was now Swedish angler Michael who managed to catch the 7th bluefin tuna on the Cavalier. His fish was estimated to weigh about 240 kilos [530 lbs]

All three these bluefin tunas have been released clean and in good condition.

Many thanks to the crew of both boats and of course the anglers who made these great catches possible again.

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