Amberjack Weekend

Amberjack Weekend

Amberjack Weekend Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria
Hans Kruit - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 7 February 2022

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They are there every day in large numbers, but it all has to be a bit of luck to catch them.
I'm talking about the Amberjacks.

First of all it is very important that you have the right, but especially fresh bait when fishing for Amberjacks .
You can come and see for yourself which bait this is.
Secondly, the weather gods have to be lucky on your fishing day.
A little wind is of course not so bad, but too strong current can be disastrous.
But if the above things go well, you will experience the fishing day of your life.

This weekend we had two more of these unforgettable fishing trips.
The photos are allready updated in our Hall of Fame.

Now that several European countries have eased their Corana rules, we notice here on Gran Canaria that more tourists are coming this way.

Both our boats are about 4 to 6 days in advance fully booked during this period.
So if you also want to go fishing for a day, please let us know in time?
You can call us or send a Whats App at number +34607913313.
Or else an e-mail to:

Welcome aboard

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