Bottom & Reef Fishing

Bottom & Reef Fishing

Hans Kruit - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 25 September 2021

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As I wrote in our Latest Fishing News a few days ago, all fishing boats have stopped trolling.
The trolling catches are unfortunately still disappointing, which means fishing on the reefs and on the flat bottom again.
And as the many photos show, beautiful catches are made there.

On the flat bottom, it is mainly the different types of Rays, which with weights from 10 to sometimes over 200 lb provide a true sport.
As the Rays are unfortunately protective species in the Canary waters, we are not allowed to publish photos of these catches on our website.
The same also applies to all Shark species which are also all protective here in Spain.
All these protective fish are then released neatly immediately after the catch and if possible also of course not taken out of the water.

On the reefs it is also a great sport with light rods.
Here mainly the Northern Atlantic Bonito's, huge Barracuda's, very large Garfish, Red Snappers and last but not least the many dozens of Seabreams.
So every day all smiling and satisfied anglers.

And if the Tunas or maybe the last Marlins show up again, we will definitely go again try a trolling attempt.

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