New website!

New website!

New website! Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria
Hans Kruit - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 29 May 2020

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Today I would like to welcome you all to our 'New Website'
This website can be read in the English and Dutch language.
You can login with the following URLs:

So a free choice, which always takes you to the same website.
At the top left of the website you can set your preferred language by pressing the English or Dutch flag.


You can also easily set up this new website with an App on your Tablet or Mobile.
Then proceed as follows:

1: Open the new website on your tablet or mobile and select your preferred language, by clicking on the English or Dutch flag.

2: Now click on the 3 dots at the top right.

3: Choose in the next menu: Add to Home screen.

4: Your APP is nearly ready. I you like you can change the name now to eg RELEASEME or CAVALIER.

5: Click 'Add'

Our 'New Website and App' have been made possible in part by the full commitment of
For this I would like to thank Leo once again.

Enjoy and stay safe

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Written by loes mulder en gerrit steenstra, 31 May 2020

Dag saampjes, een mooie strakke frisse nieuwe website hebben jullie. Hoop dat alles goed gaat met jullie en de bemanning, we hebben mooie tijden gehad bij jullie. Doe de groeten aan iedereen die je niet tegenkomt (hahahaha grapje) veel succes, pas een beetje op elkaar en wie weet, tot ooit!

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