Triple Hook-Up & Release Bluefin Tuna

Triple Hook-Up & Release Bluefin Tuna

Triple Hook-Up & Release Bluefin Tuna Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 14 April 2022

As I write this Latest News for the second time today, the Cavalier has just set course for Puerto Rico harbor.
It's Thursday afternoon at 7:50 PM.

On board our regular customer and friend Klaas Westerhof, my wife Maria and the undersigned.

Klaas had chartered the boat for 5 hours this afternoon.
At about 5 pm we ended up in the middle of a school of hunting seagulls which resulted in a 'triple hook-up` Bluefin Tuna.
Wooooooow, what violence, tension, panic,.....

Both Klaas, Hafid and myself were now allowed to test all three of our strengths.
My little fish, surrendered after 30 minutes, and with an estimated weight of over 250 kilos. The first release of these three powerhouses

Klaas's bluefin tuna, was a lot better muscled and could only be unhooked after more than 2 hours. Estimated weight about 330 kilos.

The third and heaviest Bluefin tuna of this afternoon only surrendered after 2 hours and 45 minutes. Wooooow what a huge fish. Estimated weight more then 400 kilos

Today a fishing day with no less than 4 bluefin tuna.

It was also the very first 5-hour charter on the Cavalier in which no less than 3 Bluefin tuna were caught and released.

A huge success for which we can certainly be very grateful to the experienced crew

See you tomorrow.
Hans Kruit

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