Trolling Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria
Hans Kruit - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 5 March 2020

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Since a week, various sport fishing boats have been trolling again.
After the capture of their first bluefin tuna, the Cavalier has already received several bites from these monsters, but unfortunately without any luck.

For example, yesterday we had the angler Jacob Andreas on board. The result was, two bites of bluefin tuna, of which he was even allowed to try his luck for more than half an hour in the fighting chair. But this tuna also managed to escape 25 meters under the boat.

Today again a lot of activity, but unfortunately no bites. However, many by-catches of Atlantic Bonitos

Who knows, it will be our turn again tomorrow?

Hans Kruit
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