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Hans Kruit - Cavalier & Blue Marlin Sport Fishing Gran Canaria

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, 2 December 2020

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We had another great fishing day on the Cavalier.

The last two days we had some heavy rain showers here in Puerto Rico which were accompanied by strong gusts of wind.
Not exactly the ideal fishing weather.

Fortunately we had this morning the sun again and with a moderate south-west wind and a temperature of 24 degrees the day could not go wrong.

We fished on the 20/25 meter reef. With light equipment we tried to catch Atlantic Bonito on the surface of the water.
Some heavier rods were then prepared for the heavier work on the bottom.

Pretty soon the first rod hooked-up and this actually continued the entire fishing trip. There were always one or two of the 6 anglers present who were busy landing a fish. Amazing.

After a few hours we could make up the total catch.
14 North Atlantic Bonito and one beautiful Zebra Sea Bream.

Two small Hammerhead Sharks and a few Stingrays, one with a weight of almost 90 kilos.
Since these fish species are both protected, they were neatly unhooked and released.

I would like to thank the crew of the Cavalier and the 6 anglers of today once again and hope to see you all again in future on one if our fishing trips.

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